Hot, hotter, hottest!

It’s all in the name...we are the HOT SPOT for amazing online deal in Mauritius! Incorporated in 2019, our business model is customer oriented, what is best for our customers is of the utmost importance to us.
We are the official distributor of world-renowned brands in Mauritius.
Our customers are at the centre of our business. We give the utmost importance to their feedback and uses them to improve our services on a daily basis.

About Us

Hot Spot Ltd had been incorporated in 2019 with the ultimate aim to represent branded international products and resell them in Mauritius and Indian ocean territories.

Currently, the company represents the following brands Pradel Excellence (France), FDICK (Germany), Rotowash (Austria) & Tarkett (France/ Luxembourg). The company focuses a lot on delivering great service quality at an affordable price. The motto of the company is “Customer care never sleeps and Innovation beyond boundaries”. These two slogans form an integral part in the business operations and growth of the company.

We put the customers at the centre of our business to promote products and we rely on their feedback to improve on a daily basis.


Hot Spot Ltd wants to become the most trusted supplier of the wide range of international products with the concern for the best quality and best price.


To foster and develop 5 core values within the company to improve customer loyalty and experience.


Reliability , Innovation , Great service quality and Responsibility