Terms and Conditions

General Terms

This website is owned by Hot Spot Ltd whereby throughout the Site, the terms ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to the seller, Hot Spot Ltd.

The Services provided by Hot Spot are subject to this contract and by browsing this website, it is implied that you consent to all the terms of the contract. If you do not accept these terms, you are advised to abstain from further usage of this site.

User Agreement

Further use of the website conveys that you agree fully to the provisions and completely agree to be bound by the listed terms of the contract.

We can make any changes to the set provisions of the contract as we deem appropriate to our discretion.

The duty of care to ensure that you are up to date with any of these changes relies solely upon you. In any event, should you disagree with the new provisions or modifications made, you need to send an email to swaley@hot-spotltd.com and you should discontinue further utilisation of the website.

This website is powered by Infomys and any contractual changes shall remain prevalent and by continuing to use our website, the amended and updated agreement will consequently have a binding effect upon you.


You can browse the website freely as a guest to view the products available whilst to order goods, you need to be a registered member.

An individual is allowed to have only one account and you need to sign up on the website to create your own account.

You must ensure that all personal data provided for registration purposes is real information whereby any suspicious activity and faking or impersonating an identity will lead to legal implications.

The onus of keeping your login credentials to yourself lies on you.

Completion of the registration process signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions and willingness to browse the site in complete sanity.

You are accountable for any activities or orders in your account.

In case you doubt the intrusion of a third party to your account, you are urged to contact our Hotline 6863807. Any incident or loss arising due to the suspected intrusive intervention will remain restricted to you if you fail to notify the same.

You can seek a new password by clicking the relevant link on the website.

You can opt to cancel your account to your convenience by liaising with our Customer Support. In the advent of any pending orders being processed, your account termination request will be automatically cancelled.

We reserve the right to cancel or freeze any account to our judgement.

Legal Capacity

By browsing the website and registering as a member, you confirm that you are 18 years or older and are in the legal capacity to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

This hereby confirms that you take responsibility for any transactions or purchases made in your account and in the event of any damage caused to Hot Spot Ltd from your account, you will be liable for legal pursuit for compensation to the Company.

Offers & Promotions

We reserve the right to modify or revoke promotions to our will without prior notification to you.

Before placing any order, it is prudent to verify the product specification text. The displayed photos are not contractual whereby these have been exhibited for the sole purpose of enabling you to envision the products.


The products prices are advertised on the website and are VAT inclusive where applicable.

The prices can be altered prior to confirmation of your purchases. Hot Spot Ltd holds the right to make such modifications without consulting or notifying you.

You should not rely exclusively on the information accessible on the website when making any purchases. Hot Spot Ltd is not accountable for any incorrect price or imprecise information, wrongly published on the website.

You are solely liable if you opt to rely only on the website for any purchases.

Hot Spot Ltd exclusively holds the right to correct any errors on the website or our catalogues to our disposition.


Our modes of payment are as follow:

  1. Direct Bank Transfer: You can transfer the funds directly to our Bank Account using your Order ID as the payment reference. Note: Delivery of purchases will be made only after the funds have reached our bank account.
  2. Internet Banking
  3. Cash on Delivery
  4. Juice by MCB

The additional facilities to ease your online purchases are via

  1. Credit card (MIPS)
  2. Cim Finance
  3. Rogers Capital Finance


Delivery of purchases will depend on the payment method opted and the stock availability in our stores. 

We are not obliged to update the website continuously. 

You are advised not to rely solely on the website when making any purchase and by using the services, you are doing so at your own risk.

Scope of Service

Delivery of purchases are made in a timely manner, except for any unforeseen circumstance which might impede the same.

Hot Spot Ltd reserves the right to amend or remove any goods or terms from the website without prior notification.

Any suspected purchase can be annulled and the user account suspended to our discretion.

Any purchase made in your account is deemed to have been made by you and we are under no obligation to compensate for any such transaction.

Goods once sold cannot be refunded; unless otherwise applicable.

Access to Website

The website can be accessed by anybody irrespective of their age. However, you can register for an account on the website only if you are an adult. In doing so, you consent to be bound by the terms of this contract.

The website is usually available 24/7 but we do not guarantee that the website will be continuously operational. We are not liable for any downtime or disruptions due to network issues, software failures, third party intruders or maintenance and repair technicalities.

Data Collection

The personal information provided by you is collected and governed by our Privacy Policy. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more insight on the same.

Intellectual Property

The exhibited data on the website belongs to Hot Spot Ltd which cannot be copied or used without our authorisation. Unlawfully reproducing the website’s content and design amounts to an infringement of copyright and any breach of the protected proprietary intellectual rights will entail legal repercussions and instant termination of this contract.


You will receive a cookie alert when accessing the website.

Cookies basically recognise your device and identify the visitor to enhance the user experience. These store information about you such as login credentials upon your consent, so that you do not have to input the details every time you access the website (you may choose to disable the cookies on your web browser).

Application Law

The relevant laws of The Republic of Mauritius are applicable to the set Terms and Conditions as agreed by both parties through this contract.

Any disputes that shall arise will be handled in relation to the prevailing law of the Mauritian Jurisdiction whereby Hot Spot Ltd can carry any proceedings in other Jurisdictions to its discretion.

Any provision found invalid does not affect the applicability of the remaining provisions of this contract.

These will still be legally enforceable and liable for legal pursuit whereby the onus to bear the costs of any legal actions is on you.